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Our Favorite Unforgettable Exits for Your Wedding Day Send-Off

The "I do" has been said, the bride has been kissed, the garter has been tossed and the cake has been cut - now it's time for the grand finale exit. Making your wedding exit just as exciting as your wedding entrance can be made so much easier with a little help from your guests. This exciting tradition is always super fun no matter if you've timed your grand exit for the very end of the night or as you depart from your ceremony venue headed to your reception. The epic photo opportunities that a grand exit brings are so worth the added touch as well. From streamers to sparklers to balloon releases and more, here are our favorite wedding send-off ideas.

1. Waving Ribbon Wands

Create ribbon wands for your guests to wave back and forth as you make your grand exit for a sense of rustic romance.

2. Waving Lighted Branches, Glow Sticks, or Fiber-Optic Wands

Some venues do not permit the use of open flames. No-flame sparklers, lighted branches, glow sticks and fiber optic wands provide an amazing substitute that provides brides with equally spectacular visuals without breaking the rules.

3. Tossing Rice

The tradition of throwing rice, which symbolizes fertility and prosperity, dates back to Roman times. This tradition lends a cinematic feel to wedding photos.

4. Waving Pom-Poms

Pom-poms offer a really fun way to wave off the happy couple and come in a number of colors. Match the color of the pom-poms with your wedding color scheme to tie it all together.

5. Ringing Bells

For a melodious goodbye have your guest ring tiny bells as you depart.

6. Channel the Force with Light Sabers

Star Wars enthusiast will love this idea. Offer your guests sabers to light up as you leave the wedding reception. The sabers can also double as an awesome wedding favor.

7. Tossing Lavender

Gather up lavender for your guests to toss for one sweet smelling exit. This send-off option is perfect for Spring or Summer weddings.

8. Throwing Leaves

Perfect for a fall wedding, leaves are completely on theme. As an added bonus, this option is completely free. Gather up leaves in gorgeous autumn tones and add glitter for some extra wedding shimmer.

9. Tossing Artificial Snow

There is nothing more perfect for a winter wedding than handfuls of artificial snow. Have guests toss it as you make your way to your getaway car.

10. Set Off Confetti Poppers

The most vibrant and colorful photos can be captured when these confetti poppers pop. There's less sparkle and shine, but easier cleanup.

11. Releasing Doves

Releasing doves symbolizes good fortune and prosperity, everlasting love, and a peaceful home. Send doves soaring off into the sky as you and your beloved head to happily ever after. Ensure that the safety of the doves comes first.

12. Releasing Butterflies

Setting butterflies free symbolizes your new beginning together and the happiness that will accompany you on your journey as a couple. A once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity takes place when the butterflies flutter around the bride and groom before flying free. This is a perfect final wedding moment you will never forget. Just make sure that the butterfly release company you use ensures the safety of the butterflies.

13. Blowing Tiny Bubbles

Streamers and flower petals are pretty, but can be messy requiring extra post-ceremony

cleanup. Bubbles double as fun favors and come with a lot less mess.

14. Tossing Flower Petals

Flower petals are no longer just for tossing along the aisle anymore. Use these beautiful blooms to kick off the rest of the day's celebrations.

15. Releasing Sky Lanterns

There is nothing more romantic than watching sky lanterns sprinkle the night time sky at the end of your wedding reception. Be sure to use battery-operated lights instead of an open flame, which could cause a fire.

16. Releasing Balloons

For a reception that ends during the day, have your guests release a sea of colorful balloons into the sky for a truly uplifting moment. Make sure to use biodegradable balloons.

17. Waving Streamers

Give guests colorful streamers to wave at you as you leave the wedding. The vibrant colors will make for exciting wedding pictures that will last forever. Coordinate the streamers to match your wedding colors.

18. Light The Way With Pillar Candles

Have your guests light the way out with romantic pillar candles so you and your love exist through a path of romantic candlelight.

19. Smoke Bombs

Huffington Post claimed smoke bombs to be the "hottest wedding photo trend". Smoke bombs make for a dramatic and photo-worthy send off. Have your guests shoot them off or save them as a surprise to wow your guests as they send you off.

20. Setting Off Sparklers

The classic wedding send-off of sparklers may be last on our list, but is definitely not least of our favorites. A wedding send off studded in sparklers is a great way to glam up a casual wedding or add a sense of whimsy to a formal affair.

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