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Celebrating Valentine's Day While Keeping A Wedding Budget In Mind

I cannot believe that we are already in the middle of February. January seemed to fly by at lightening speed. I look around the town of Foley, Al and red hearts and Valentine's Day decor can be seen hanging in all the florist shops. Step into the coffee shop and they are selling specialty Valentine's Day coffee. Step into any drug store and I am greeted with teddy bears and chocolates galore. There is no way to miss the fact that Valentine's Day is upon us.

I attended a Bridal Showcase and Open House yesterday and while I was there I met so many couples and occasionally the conversation would turn towards the fact that the holiday was fast approaching. I swear I could see a little stress in the eyes of some of the grooms and of course excitement in the eyes of their brides. It got me thinking about what it would be like to want to dote on your lover this Valentine's Day and have a wedding budget burning up a hole in your pocket at the same time. It is difficult to want to be romantic and have to stay practical at the same time. I'm sure that the goals of being practical and romantic at the same time is what leads to some people receiving blenders and gift certificates to home improvement stores for Valentine's Day. Perhaps blenders and home improvement gift certificates are what really excites you, but for now, let's take a look at some ways that you can be romantic and stay on budget while making the most out of your engaged Valentine's Day.

You've Got Mail

Go old school and write your sweetheart a love letter. Take the time to create something meaningful, may it have glitter and Cupid shaped confetti or just be your endearing and loving thoughts written down about your lover on a piece of white copy paper- it does not matter. Your sweetheart will love reading about how much you appreciate and adore them. To step it up a notch, put that letter in the mail and actually mail it to your sweetie. People love getting something in the mail that isn't another credit card offer. This letter may be an inexpensive gesture, but a meaningful one. After all, in 20 years afters lots of gifts have been lost or donated, the letter will remain.

Memorable Meals

The kitchen has always been where my family has spent the most time bonding. I love baking cookies with my girls or putting together a great meal with my hubby. It is where we can come together, get creative and have fun making something yummy (or not so yummy, sometimes). Some of our best stories have come from the mishaps that we have had in the kitchen, so even if you do end up making something not so great tasting you will have a story to tell the kids in the years to come. If you wind up with something delicious then that's great too because you can enjoy it with your partner.

Frame a Picture

I love taking pictures of my family with my cell phone and camera. I have so many picturesT, but sadly most of my pictures stay on my cell or on my computer only to be looked at when I come across them looking for a file while working. Take a moment a dig deep into your digital files, find a gem of the two of you, print it out, and frame it. You and your love will be reminded of some wonderful memories and get to hang it on the wall of your home to cherish always.

Talk About The First Time You Met

I love interrogating my husband whenever we go out for dinner. I sit across from him playing the 20 Questions game while watching him squirm when he can't quite remember something right off hand. Usually, I can't stump him and I don't get the satisfaction of watching him squirm, but more importantly it still gives us the chance to reminisce. After nearly 12 years together, it still helps us to learn new things about each other. You can do this anywhere- having coffee at a coffee shop or a casual drink at a bar. You could even return to the site of your first date.

Make Memories To Last A Lifetime

For me good experiences and wonderful memories mean more to me than a materialistic item every could. Take for example, I can remember the Valentine's Day that my husband and I spent together right before we wed. I walked into our apartment and there were rose petals all over the floor leading to the bedroom where a huge teddy bear was waiting for me with a dozen roses and my then fiance sitting there smiling at me ear to ear. I'll tell you I don't remember anything about that teddy bear and in fact it was probably donated to charity years ago, but I do remember how it made me feel like a Princess, I remember how my husband looked smiling at me ear to ear with pride. I can tell you that I felt like the luckiest girl alive and those memories are what are so special to me. I am sure that the memories you make with your soulmate will be just as sweet and precious to you too. So go out there and make memories, have fun, get messy, love each other always, and enjoy this crazy thing we call life.

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