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"Let's Do It!"

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

It all started with the words, "Let's Do It!"

Hello, my name is Kathryn Graham and I am a mother of two beautiful girls and a wife to an entrepreneur who spends most of his time travelling due to the fact that he is a Haz-Mat Tanker driver. I am also a full time student attending classes at Huntingdon University to complete my degree in Business Management with a Minor in Marketing. On top of all of that I spend most of my days taking on many different roles at the Coastal Cruisers' headquarters located in Foley, Alabama. I am the Full Time Manager, Business Director, CFO, CEO, Marketing Director, Accountant, Human Resources Representative, Car Enthusiast, Wedding Coordinator and Reservationist for Coastal Cruisers. To say that the business takes up most of my time would be putting it lightly. But luckily for me I enjoy every aspect of being a part of Coastal Cruisers.

The idea of Coastal Cruisers came about a few years ago when my husband and I were still residing in Atlanta, Georgia. My sweet husband had gifted me with a Jaguar XK for Mother's Day and to this day I am not sure if it was my reaction to the gift, his enthusiasm in all things cars, or a culmination of both that led my husband's entrepreneurial spirit and imagination to come up with the idea of providing luxurious and unique car experiences to the public.

I will never forget the day that my husband, Josh came to me with the idea. We had taken a drive in the Jaguar and we were cruising along on a beautiful Saturday afternoon like we did most of the time when he approached me with this bold idea.

The look in his eyes of fear that I would just reject his idea was apparent in his eyes and was a look that I will never forget seeing in the eyes of the man that I love and adore. He told me, "Honey, I have an idea and it seems a little crazy." He had said this statement to me before usually preceding to his telling me that he wanted to take an impromptu trip somewhere far off or he had an idea about another car project.

I was honestly a little shocked when he told me what he had come up with. I asked him what his idea was with great interest... okay maybe I was feigning a little bit of interest because I was admiring the scenery or daydreaming about my own wants and desires. But nothing could have ever prepared me for what he was about to say and the snowball effect that my reaction would have for the next few years.

Josh looked at me with fear and excitement in his eyes and told me that he wanted to provide the opportunity of driving exotic and rare cars that the general public. He wanted the everyday, regular person to be able to live in the lap of luxury... if only for a few hours, but he wanted to share that experience with others.

I thought that it was an endearing goal to have, one that could also be very much fun and possibly quite lucrative along the way. Before thinking too much about it though the words, "LETS DO IT" popped out of my mouth. The look of fear that I had seen in my husband's eyes turned from fear to shock in 2.3 milliseconds. To be frank, I was shocked even more so than he was, but I would never let him know that because ever since then we have been chasing this dream and making it a reality.

I would be lying if I told you that right after that day we woke up to $2.5 million worth of cars in a garage somewhere. I would also be lying if I told you that I never regretted agreeing to something so crazy. There have been some very trying times during this expedition of business ownership. Any business owner will tell you that owning a business is not for the faint of heart. It is grueling, time consuming, and at times down right scary. But, I would not change it for the world.

I have learned so much along the way. I have had so many opportunities that I may have never had otherwise. And best of all I get to pursue a passion that I truly enjoy while being right next to my best friend, advocate, and soul mate- Josh Graham.

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