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Questions For Your Wedding Transportation Vendor

Throughout my experience with working in the wedding industry with Coastal Cruisers as a transportation vendor I have had the pleasure of working with many different couples. Typically, the questions are usually the same across the board. "How much do your service cost?" being the Number 1 Question ever asked, but there are many more questions that you should ask your wedding transportation vendor. I have comprised a list of questions that you should ask to help you with your planning.

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Questions For Your Wedding Transportation Vendor

1. "Are you available for such and such date?"

This is a make or break question that can help you decide if the vendor that you have chosen is even available for the date that you have planned for. If your vendor is not available then you can start making plans to find someone else.

2. "How much are your services and what all is included in that price?"

As I stated before many couples will ask me the question, "How much are your services," but they neglect the most crucial portion of that question, "what all is included in that price." Luckily for our clients, Coastal Cruisers is very transparent about our prices and what all they include. When booking with Coastal Cruisers brides and grooms are provided a detailed breakdown of every dollar included in their total price. Unfortunately, some vendors are not as transparent and this lack of transparency can make a huge dent into the couple's wedding budget.

3. "What is your policy for severe weather?"

In our experience with working in the wedding transportation industry we can proudly say that we have never had to cancel our services due to severe weather. This is due in part to luck and due in a much bigger part to planning. In the event that bad weather is in the forecast Coastal Cruisers moves vehicles closer to designated venues so as to reduce initial travel time to and from. In the event that the National Weather Service does issue a warning for severe weather Coastal Cruisers will put drivers on standby until the All-Clear is given. This is to insure the safety of our drivers as well as our clients. While, no one in this world can control the weather and severe weather does occasionally happen it is best to always have a contingency plan in place.

4. "Are you insured?"

This should be on every list that pertains to questions to ask a vendor. The bride and groom do not want to have to worry about "worst case scenarios" on their wedding day. Knowing if the vendor that you have chosen is insured correctly can aid in comforting those thoughts. It is also a good rule of thumb to invest in wedding insurance yourself however. A list of the best wedding insurance providers can be found here.

5. "What is your policy if our wedding runs over time?"

It is always best to know ahead of time what the company's policy is in regards to this. No couple wants to deal with a vendor having their hand out for more money at the end of their wedding because the festivities went past the schedule. No couple also wants to be left stranded either. Coastal Cruisers policy in regards to if a wedding or event runs past schedule is to make contact with the bride and groom in what they wish for the company to do. During the planning process I take great strives to insure that such things do not happen. And when it comes to things like this planning is key.

6. "What is your policy if the vehicle breaks down?"

Coastal Cruisers takes great pain in insuring that our vehicles are well maintained and up to date on their scheduled maintenance, however sometimes vehicles do break down (luckily for us it has only happened once and the couple was provided a replacement immediately; they were actually quite happy in the end). In the event that a vehicle will not start or breaks down Coastal Cruisers will replace the vehicle with another standby vehicle free of charge or will offer the bride and groom a Full Refund. It is always good practice to know what the policy is of the transportation company you choose in regards to this. No one wants to spend their first night as newlyweds stranded on the side of the road.

7. "What kind of decor can I place on the vehicle?"

Coastal Cruisers loves when couples want to decorate the car and make it even more unique. We allow for brides and grooms to place low-tack static cling stickers on the windows saying, "Just Married" or a couple can even arrange it with their florist to place flowers on the car. However, some transportation companies may frown upon this so thus it is best to always ask.

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