• Kathryn Graham

The Crow's Nest Casa de Playa- An Unforgettable Couple's Retreat

Someone once said that the ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination, and brings eternal joy to the soul. With my husband, Josh and I preparing for the upcoming wedding season and not having ever taken a vacation alone together without our children I thought it was past time to jump at the opportunity of taking a couple's retreat before the wedding season ramped up and we were swarmed with the day to day activities of the business we operate together, the kid's summer activities and all else that would be involved this summer. Really we needed to take some time and reset ourselves, take a break from the day to day and escape together for a time to rekindle all that is between us. Marriage is an obstacle course and as Pat Benetar once said, love is a battlefield. It's good for both sides to come together, recharge and prepare to take on the world together. So with my husband on the road with driving a haz-mat tanker I took it upon myself to arrange the biggest surprise he has had in awhile. After some research, I decided the Crow's Nest Casa de Playa would be our home away from home for two wonderful days.

We packed our SUV with our bags, kissed the kids goodbye and profusely thanked our wonderful parents for agreeing to watch our babies for two days while we escaped into the wilds. As soon as we were in the truck headed down the highway you could tell that both of us were so excited to be alone together and looking forward to our adventure. We were like two giddy school kids.

Josh and I decided to grab a bite to eat along the way to the Crow's Nest. To my surprise he told me to pull into a gas station called Town and Country that we were passing by. I was a little disappointed that this is where he had chosen to have lunch. But, I thought to myself it is kind of an Alabama tradition to eat chicken out of a gas station. So I wearily walked in and was pleasantly surprised to see crispy, crunchy goodness awaiting me on the other side of the glass. We ordered some tenders, fried okra, mac-n-cheese and potato logs. With a soda fountain in hand we sat down at a booth inside the gas station and ate our lunch watching the local truck drivers and construction workers milling in to get their lunch too. Call me crazy, but I was surprised and delighted to find that the food was fresh and great tasting.

Finishing our food we headed out and made our way to the Crow's Nest where we met the owners, Angie and Alex- a friendly and personable couple who were very welcoming to us. Alex showed us around the property.

The property was beautiful with white sand and lush trees that made you feel so secluded in your own personal corner of the world.

The beautiful back deck of the house provided a comfortable outside swing bed to veg out on and enjoy reading or napping in the sun. The hot tub and salt water pool were the perfect addition to our stay. And while the February weather made for the pool to be a little too nippy to swim in and enjoy it was still a beautiful and welcoming sight. The February weather certainly did not keep us from enjoying the warmth of the hot tub which we made sure to make great use of both days that we were there.

I had the dream of glamping ever since Josh took me on my very first camping trip a few years ago and every expectation of what I thought it would be like was met and then some. I could really tell that Angie and Alex put a lot of time and effort into making sure that the yurt had everything that you could possibly need.

The yurt offered the seclusion and privacy of having our own room and space with a queen sized bed so comfortable you felt like you were sleeping on a cloud with fresh, clean white sheets and bedding. Angie and Alex seemed to think of everything that you may need or wish for during your stay including shampoo and toiletries to board games and coffee.

The yurt had power to supply to a small heater and a fan if needed. I loved being outside in the yurt, sleeping under the stars, especially with the comfort of the fan blowing on me throughout the night.

Ohhh, the comforts of modern day luxury!!!

We also got to enjoy watching some Netflix and listening to Pandora on the television in the yurt. And if anyone knows me they will tell you I love my coffee. I am not me without my coffee and do not try to converse with me before I have had my coffee. I was a little worried that I would have to forgo my lovely cup of joe while I was on my vacay, but again Angie and Alex think of everything and made sure to place a lovely Keurig in the yurt with lots of coffee for our enjoyment. We even went out and got Bailey's and Malibu Rum from the Sassy Bass Gas Station and Restaurant to enjoy with it

Being locals born and raised on the Gulf Coast my entire life I have had ample opportunity to enjoy the area. Sadly, I never took the chance and explored what my home has to offer, but on this trip I was bound and determined for all that to change.